100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee has been grown on the slopes of the world famous Blue Mountains since the early 18th century.

Blue Mahoe Estate

Blue Mahoe Estate

The Estate has a range of altitudes from 2100-3500 ft. above sea level (763-1200 meters). The microclimate surrounding the Estate and its deep soils produce an excellent quality 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain™ Coffee.

Our Estate is located in the most picturesque part of the Mahoe District. We have lovely cool mountains on three sides of the Estate and on one side we have a delightful, distant view of the Caribbean sea . The estate has its own river, The Back River running through it. During the rainy season a breath-taking waterfall can be observed and enjoyed.

From the Estate many views of the surrounding hillside districts can be seen including two very old churches and the quaint center of the district where the populace gather in the evenings.

Then land where our Estate is located was planted with coffee since the Jamaican Slavery period back in the 18th century. Some very antique tools and artifacts belonging to that period have been discovered on the Estate.

The Tomlinson family restarted production of coffee on the Estate some 45 years ago. They began with small plots and have now expanded to the current size. All the trees on the Estate have been planted by the family, a large proportion by the current Chairman, Mr. Lloyd Tomlinson. Mr. Tomlinson is the third generation of the Tomlinson family involved in the coffee business.

The name Mahoe district is derived from the proliferation of the rare Blue Mahoe Trees in the areas.

The Blue Mahoe Tree is the National Tree of Jamaica and like the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is unique and distinct. The population of these trees in Jamaica overall have declined but in Mahoe District there is still an abundant supply of these trees which are used to make the most exquisite blue coloured furniture for local and export consumption.

At Mahoe Estate the coffee ripens slowly guaranteeing the full exposure to the famed Blue Mountains conditions. It is then handpicked and carefully pulped each day to ensure freshness. It is then dried, rested and processed following the most strict quality control procedures at every stage so we can be sure that the outstanding characteristics of the Blue Mahoe Estate coffee will never be compromised and will remain as pure as it can be. Only the best is selected and presented to you for your enjoyment.

Blue Mahoe Estate Jamaica … 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, not just a taste but a whole experience.